The benefits of UpForIt Personal Health Coaching

The UpForIt Personal Health Coaching platform is designed especially to facilitate personal health coaches staying in close contact with their clients. We call our unique empowering coaching App – 'A Coach In A Pocket'. This introductory article takes a look at 5 key benefits of health coaching using the UpForIt App.

Benefit No 1:

Setting and achieving my health-related goals. Goal setting [was Goals setting] is a key element in changing health-related behaviour, and this means having a plan, actioning it and measuring the outcomes. The adage of 'without a plan, we plan to fail' is especially true when it comes to lifestyle modification!

Benefit No 2:

Helping to hold me accountable for making progress in achieving my health-related goals. There is a big difference between nagging and being held accountable with the former having a negative connotation while the latter is all about support. Being held accountable is the fuel of the self-motivation engine. As the science is increasingly showing us, while being overweight or obese may not be your fault, it is almost always down to the choices you make. And that’s what a good health coach aims to do using the UFI App: help you to make informed ongoing supported choices about your health.

Benefit No 3:

Helping me to achieve more than I can do alone. Anyone who has tried to lose weight, manage their diabetes, high blood pressure etc. knows just how tough this journey is. It’s tough because it is essentially a long and lonely (was and lonely) journey. Most of us need someone alongside us. As poet Henry van Dyke wrote:
"A friend who knows, and dares to say, The brave, sweet words that cheer the way Where he walks a mile with me"
And your personal health coach is "A friend who…walks a mile with me"

Benefit No 4:

Helping me to focus on the results that I want to achieve for my health. Here is the key thing about goals and results: they have to be YOURS and not someone else’s. Your health goals must be IMPORTANT to you and you must be CONFIDENT of achieving them…with some help from your coach and the UFI App, of course!

Benefit No 5:

Provides me with multifaceted support as well as the tools I need. Research shows that advice giving only works in about 10% of cases. That’s right , advice giving has a whopping 90% failure rate! Your personal health coach has a single mandate: to help you turn this miserable statistic on its head and they do this by being available to support you with the touch of a button.

People wanting to lose weight and or improve their metabolic health are faced with the reality of having to change behaviour whether this means changing their diet, getting more exercise, adhering to prescribed therapy or even getting their family and friends involved in their self-care. UpForIt has as its tagline ‘Get Healthy Together’, and to this end we are committed to supporting the UpForIt Personal Health Coach initiative by making the UFI App available to health coaches and to anyone who would like to become a health coach.